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2007 Dodge Sprinter Review

2007 Dodge Sprinter Review
May 23, 2008
2007 Dodge Sprinter Review
by Daniel Lafrance ,
Oddly enough, never has a work truck been so criticized by auto journalists than the Dodge Sprinter. What they said two years ago, when the vehicle recorded monster sales, still applies to the new model, which has been redesigned and improved extensively.

The thing is, you can't test-drive such a big van like you would with any ordinary car. You have to be aware of the Sprinter's limits, specific capabilities and singular driving dynamics, which all require some getting used to.

The Sprinter can be used as a work truck or passenger vehicle.

Bus or truck?
The Dodge Sprinter is a true utility truck, although it's also available as a passenger vehicle with glass side windows -- like our tester. Thusly configured, it looks like a small bus. But not any bus: designers managed to refine the passenger compartment in a way that makes this Sprinter a fairly enjoyable cruiser.

Of course, it's far from a premium full-size sedan, but the interior proves comfortable and relatively spacious. Likewise, access is pretty easy, except maybe for the third and fourth rows of seats, which require some contortions. A few additional handles would be helpful, though, if only to make entry easier for everybody.

The front occupants have nothing to complain about. The cabin might be a bit high, but it's nonetheless easy to jump in, even without side steps. Once inside, you can appreciate the vast cockpit as well as the clever though visually uninspired ergonomics.

After all, the Sprinter has been primarily designed with functionality in mind. The list of features is limited, leaving you with only must-have amenities to make trips enjoyable. The seats are just comfortable enough to tolerate long-distance drives. Be careful, though, as some equipment, like the seat adjustment bar, have a tendency to impede your freedom of movement and make it harder to find a good driving position.

Nothing in common with a luxury sedan, but a comfortable space and relatively spacious.
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